What Makes Our Pearls Special

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Whether it’s the strand of pearls handed down from your grandmother or the pearl earrings you bought for your daughter as a graduation gift, pearls have long been a symbol of beauty and class.

But what makes our cultured pearls different from the rest?

At Shane Co., we’ve cultivated decades-long generational relationships with family pearl farms. Our pearls are purchased directly from the pearl producers, ensuring that we are present in the buying process.

We purchase and sell several types of cultured pearls, which are produced all over the world. Our akoya pearls are from Japan, while our freshwater pearls come from family farms in China. Our South Sea pearls are cultured in Australia and even the Philippines. Our color-rich Tahitian pearls come from nowhere other than Tahiti.

Every Shane Co. pearl is completely natural in color and is never enhanced with dye. Each pearl is unique, just as it was intended to be in nature.

Our pearls are all hand-matched, just like our diamonds, to ensure equal size, shape and luster. We also double-knot our strands in between pearls, protecting the pearls from rubbing together.

Shane Co. believes in the beauty of nature and presenting our pearls in their natural state. We understand the nature of this gemstone and the fascinating way a pearl is made, and we are passionate about following the regulations of the Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA).

From classic white freshwater pearls to deep black Tahitian pearls, we value our pearls tremendously. We know that they are not only a natural treasure to us, but to you as our customer.

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