Valentine’s Day

As we finish up the Valentine’s Day celebration, I am proud to say that we helped thousands of people celebrate their lives together.  What fun it is to help men and women select precious gemstones to give to their loved ones.  It is always so satisfying to help a young man pick out a pearl necklace or diamond earrings to give to that special person who makes their life complete.  While some people know exactly what they want to purchase for their significant other, many times we will work with a customer to show them items until they find the perfect piece.  Many times these customers are concerned that we spend too much time with each customer.  In a typical jewelry store, salespeople are not so patient due to the fact that they are paid on commission.  Because  Shane Co. Store Associates are not paid on commission we are able to take time with each and every customer to find the right item for them to give to their true love.  We will work with any price range to make sure that they not spending more than they are comfortable with.

This Valentine’s Day we sold many strands of pearls and lots of heart shaped fancy colored sapphires to our customers.  These fancy colored sapphires were hand selected by Tom Shane and the range of colors is amazing.  Our customers loved them.  They are full of sparkle and life and we carry the largest selection of these precious gems compared to any other jeweler.

As we head into the springtime, you should see the new diamond engagement rings that are coming into our stores.  When you visit our stores, you can plan on seeing hundreds and hundreds of styles from all over the world.  Our store employees love helping couples find the perfect setting and the ideal diamond to symbolize their love for each other.  It is truly rewarding to get to be involved with each person’s search for the rings that they will wear for the rest of their lives.  We are fortunate to be able to be involved with each couples engagement and wedding.  We are very careful to hire employees who will take the time to help the customer no matter how much they have to spend and no matter how long it takes to make sure that they’re fully educated about their purchase.

On Feb 10th I attained my 25th year with Shane Co., and when I visit the stores, I still see customers that I met years ago coming in to buy jewelry for special occasions like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and other special events.  We have very loyal customers and they know that Shane Co. offers quality jewelry that is meant to last a lifetime.  Many of these customers that I personally have helped buy a wedding ring throughout my career now come in for gifts for their sons and daughters.  It is fun to see how their lives have changed and grown.  I am a part of their family.  I am their friend in the diamond business.

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