Summer Jewelry Care

With summer approaching and the sun starting to beam, there are extra steps you should take to ensure your jewelry stays sparkly throughout the season. Certain environmental elements and chemicals you are exposed to at this time of year can damage your jewelry without you even knowing it.

One of the most common reasons your favorite pieces don’t make it through the summer is they come into contact with chemicals. Sunscreen and tanning lotion build up over time and can loosen the prongs holding your diamonds or gemstones in place, not to mention the chemicals can also dull the sparkle. Before you put on your sunscreen or tanning products, make sure to remove all of your jewelry. When the lotions have dried, you are safe to put your jewelry back on. This one little step can be the difference between saving your stones and losing them.

Other summertime culprits are salt water and chlorine. Have you ever sat in a hot tub for a relaxing dip and, once you get out, you realize your ring looks ruined? Salt water and chlorine eat away at the electroplating and alloys of your jewelry, which can cause it to look tarnished. In extreme cases, your piece may even become brittle and vulnerable.


If your sterling silver jewelry becomes tarnished, use a soft toothbrush and mild soapy water to clean it, and then use a silver polishing cloth to restore the shine. However, if your jewelry is gold or platinum, we recommend bringing it into your local Shane Co. for our expert advice and professional cleaning, as well as recommendations on how to maintain that shine at home.

If you are a June baby, pearls are your birthstone, so you will probably know a thing or two about the precious gems. If you are not familiar with pearls, here are some tips on how to care for them and keep them looking amazing for years to come. Pearls are porous, so when they come into contact with makeup and perfumes, they can absorb the chemicals and become dull and lifeless. Without proper care, they will weaken and lose their shine over time.


Pearls should never be submerged in water. However, if you do need to clean them, use a damp cloth with warm water and allow them to dry completely before storing them. When storing your pearls, you should keep them separated from your other jewelry so you don’t run the risk of scuffing them.

Here are some additional summertime jewelry care tips:

  • Make sure your clasps are checked and secure before doing any outdoor activity.
  • Take off your jewelry before swimming in a pool or ocean.
  • If your jewelry does come into contact with any chemicals, makeup or perfumes, don’t wait to clean it.
  • Store your jewelry in a cool, dry and safe place.

Remember that clean jewelry always sparkles more in the sun, so now that summer is almost here, stop into your nearest Shane Co. store for a complimentary cleaning. We are always more than happy to clean and inspect your jewelry, even if it is not from us. With our professional inspections, all of your jewelry will look amazing and be ready to survive the summer!

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