Shane Co. Gifts: Made to Last a Lifetime

Rordan Shane Inspects A Diamond With A Loupe.
Rordan Shane inspects a sapphire with a loupe.

With so many jewelry stores to choose from, it can be hard to decide what gifts are right for you. Jewelry is entirely personal, so it makes sense that how you purchase it would be, too. Do you prefer to speak with someone in person, or browse pieces online? Do you need a variety of styles and options to make a choice? Is the quality more important to you, or the price? All of these questions are entirely dependent on the buyer. Shane Co. is here to help with an in-depth look at what makes our jewelry special.

What Makes Jewelry a Meaningful Gift

Before we discuss how our jewelry is made, let’s answer a seemingly simple question: Why is jewelry the go-to gift for special occasions? Here are a few of our favorite reasons.

The giver

What makes jewelry a meaningful gift? Well, you do, of course! The act of gifting is primarily a moment between two people. The fact that you went out of your way to pick out something you think the receiver will like is sometimes the most sentimental part of gifting. The origin story of a piece can often hold meaning for the wearer. Because of this, the experience and reasoning behind purchasing your gift can make it even more special. Finding a jeweler whose philosophy you respect, and being able to put a face with the jeweler, means you’re adding more meaning to something already imbued with significance.

Designs with symbolism

Jewelry is often a personalized gift that reflects a certain moment in time or particular qualities about the recipient. Choosing a symbolic piece, such as a birthstone necklace or an engraved bracelet, can make it that much more meaningful when your loved one wears it. Symbolism can help spark memories and feelings, and it can even bring the wearer back to the moment you gave it to them.

It lasts forever

Fashion comes and goes. A hat or shirt you purchased for someone may go out of style or get ruined in the wash, fine jewelry is a durable, everlasting gift that withstands the test of time. Even if you’re choosing more on-trend pieces, the classic style of jewelry will always endure through quick changes in fashion and be a gift your loved ones can wear throughout their lives.

Future gifts? Colorful Gemstone Pendants (Mix and Match)

Want to make it extra special? We have customization options that offer a unique touch to already-meaningful gifts. Choose from:

  • Birthstone jewelry: Shop birthstone colors by month for the perfect piece.
  • Custom necklaces: Pick a setting and finish it with their favorite stone.
  • Engraving: We have a wide variety of engravable pieces to personalize with a heartfelt message.
  • Family Collection: Customizable designs with symbolic stones for every family member.
  • Mother & Child pendants: Sentimental styles that highlight the love between a mother and her child.

What Makes Shane Co. Special

At Shane Co., our quality standards go beyond just ensuring a wearable piece. We put a lot of thought into how our jewelry is made, and that’s an important part of our company’s heritage. As a family-owned-and-operated business, we know how important it is to create pieces that are built to last a lifetime. Jewelry is not a gift worn once, then set aside. With four generations of Shane family members dedicated to building a brand that truly cares about their customers, our quality standards continue to be the highest in the industry.

We Travel to the Source

We start every Shane Co. piece with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls and gemstones that are hand-picked for their beauty and value. Every year, Tom Shane spends weeks at a time traveling to Bangkok, Thailand, the gemstone capital of the world, to pick out the best rubies and sapphires for our jewelry.

We directly source all of our gems, which means we buy them directly from the stone cutters. This eliminates all the middlemen and their markups and we pass the savings to our customers. We negotiate prices only after we’ve selected the specific stones we want to buy. Because of our superior buying power, we get first pick of all the newly cut stones. We choose the ones we deem the prettiest in each grade.

Tom Shane Looking Through Rough Stones to help make the perfect gifts for our customers.
Tom Shane searches through rough stones.

Our pearls are cultivated in farms in Asia and the South Pacific. We hand-knot between each pearl on our strands to prevent them from abrading each other and coming loose. Whether you’re picking out a ruby ring, diamond necklace or amethyst pendant, every piece receives the same love and attention, no matter the price.

We value every member of our team for their part in the jewelry-making process. Our world-class design team travels the globe for inspiration from the fashion hubs of the world. Whether you’re looking for fashionable pieces that stand out from the crowd or classic styles that will remain timeless forever, we have thousands of exclusive designs you won’t find anywhere else.

Why Shop Shane Co.?

With the largest selection for every budget, dedicated sales associates and a superior online shopping experience, Shane Co. makes it easy to find the perfect piece for every occasion. Here are a few more reasons to shop Shane Co.:

Widest selection

With thousands of designs to choose from, including so many exclusive styles, we make it easy to give jewelry that is unique. We are constantly updating our collections to feature new fashions and classic styles that no other jeweler has.

Pieces for every body part

If you’re looking for an anniversary ring, a delicate necklace, engraved cuff links or stylish studs, we have pieces to complement everyone’s personal style and for every place and occasion you wear your jewelry.

Perks and warranties

We give you a Free Lifetime Warranty to ensure your gift will last a lifetime. We also offer trade-ins, upgrades and perks like resizing and other maintenance. Shane Co. truly stands behind our jewelry for life, for free. If you’re not happy with your piece, simply return it with our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee to trade it in or receive full credit on your purchase.


With free 2-day shipping on all U.S. orders, as well as the option to buy online and pick up in store, we make it easy for you to find the perfect gift. Our sales team is noncommission so they can focus on making your shopping experience easy, fun and pressure-free.

Shop by price

You’ll easily be able to shop by price or style on our website to find the right gift for your budget. Just choose from our drop-down menu to select specific price ranges or jewelry categories.

Jewelry Gifts Making Tools

Real value every day

Any jeweler can offer ad hoc price cuts and one-day sales to lure customers to their store. But only Shane Co. offers the best value for every budget every day, with fair and honest prices on the highest-quality jewelry. Shane Co. stands by every piece because our jewelry is truly built to last a lifetime. We don’t temporarily lower prices, call it a sale, and then raise the prices back up, like most other jewelers do. We have too much respect for our customers and our reputation to do that. The Shane family has been in the jewelry business since 1929.

Ready to make a purchase? Shop all Shane Co. fashion jewelry on our website, or use our store locator to find a store near you.

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