Must-Read Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

After you get engaged, there are so many things to do: pick a date, find a venue, decide who is in your bridal party and so much more. But one of the first things on every bride’s mind is the dress—you know, the one you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl. When it’s time to start shopping, there can be a lot of pressure. Take the stress out of finding the perfect wedding dress with these shopping tips!

Be Realistic about Your Budget

Before you even step foot into a boutique, sit down and set your dress budget. Remember that details like beading and embroidery will raise the price, so if know you are going to want some of these add-ons, consider trimming your wedding budget elsewhere.

Do Some Research

Let’s be honest, most of us have a Pinterest board full of wedding day dreams and extravagant gowns. What many people do not realize is that a lot of dresses featured on Pinterest and other wedding sites are designer or custom-made and very costly. If you’re on a budget, use the dress as inspiration to find similar styles you like, instead of trying to get that exact dress. You can call boutiques ahead of time to make sure they carry the designers and styles you are looking for.

Limit Your Entourage

Now I know you have many ladies in your life who all want to be there when you find your dream dress. Do yourself a favor, though, and trim that number to two or three people. A little advice from your closest friend or your mom is welcome, but it can get out of hand quickly if there are too many opinions in the room. Ultimately, selecting the dress is your decision. You will be the one wearing it and looking at the photos for years to come.

Most importantly, when you are shopping for your dream dress, have fun and create wonderful memories. You will probably tell the story of how you found the perfect dress many times in the near future and for years to come.


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