Making Your Engagement Ring Dreams Come True

As an engagement and wedding ring buyer for Shane Co., my job is to make dreams come true.  Most little girls dream about their wedding day and what their wedding rings will look like.  I travel extensively researching trends and listening to brides so that I can develop that special engagement ring that will make her dream come true.

Diamond engagement rings are one of the most special and important purchases brides-to-be will make in their lives. The ring a woman chooses will be worn on that all-important finger for the rest of her life.  Often this same engagement ring will become a family heirloom and passed down from generation to generation.  It is a symbol of lifelong commitment between two people who have chosen to spend their lives together.  Finding the perfect ring that will pass the test of time is imperative.

Trends are always changing, even in jewelry.  What was popular yesterday may not be popular tomorrow.  Styles come and go and come back again.  There are classic designs that will always appeal to many women, and there are more unique and trendy looks that are preferred by women with specialized tastes and preferences, like vintage designs. Both types of styles, classic and modern, can always be tweaked and updated to be something new.  As a jewelry buyer, my job is anticipating what today’s bride will want to wear on her ring finger for the rest of her life.  Only by keeping my eyes and ears open in jewelry markets and listening to this customer is it possible to anticipate what she will want for her engagement ring and to design styles she will love accordingly.

Inspiration for new designs can come from anywhere.  I am always looking to see what today’s brides are wearing on their fingers.   What details of her ring stand out to me?  Could I make something new and fresh from some element of her ring?  I spend a lot of time in our Shane Co. stores, including our San Francisco jewelry stores, listening to our customers.  It is not unusual for me to catch a great tip from a bride and immediately go to work sketching and making notes to send on to a designer.  Perhaps I have something similar already, but I could make it more beautiful by adding a few design touches.  There are days where I have been inspired by what I heard from a customer, found a quiet corner to sketch, and have sent an idea off to a designer overseas who may be sleeping at the time.  By the end of the evening, the designer was as inspired as I was and I may already have computer generated images of what I had imagined for a new design.  It is an exhilarating experience to see the vision in my head come to life once the designer has worked his magic and made my new favorite engagement ring a reality.  It is equally as exciting to go back to the stores and witness the joy in our customers’ eyes when they discover an exclusive design that is exactly what they were hoping to find.

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