How to Wear: Cuff Links

It may seem like a simple concept, but cuff links can pose a challenge to those who might not be well versed in formal attire. However, cuff links aren’t meant to be difficult. We’re here to make it easy and open your mind to your new must-have accessory.

Step 1. Choose a pair of cuff links after you’ve chosen your dress shirt. Not every shirt requires cuff links or should even have them. Make sure that adding cuff links will elevate the look and not distract or complicate the outfit.

Step 2. Rotate the backing clasp on the cuff link to make a “T” shape. By doing this, the back of the cuff link will be parallel to the stem of the piece. This will prepare your cuff link to be threaded through the cuff of your shirt.

Step 3. Make sure to fold the cuff of your shirt. You will want to make sure the two holes on your cuff are aligned, ensuring a place for your cuff link to go.

Step 4. Push the back end of the cuff link through the outside buttonhole. Pinch both ends of your cuff together and bring the outer cuff closer until you can successfully push the cuff link through both layers of the cuff.

Step 5. Make sure to rotate the back clasp to keep the cuff and cuff links in position. That’s it!

Cuff links are appropriate for both special events and everyday office looks. From formal suits to a crisp collared work shirt, there are endless possibilities for the classic cuff link. They’re a staple that every man should have.

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