How to Propose in 5 Easy Steps

You’ve done it. You found that one special person that you want to spend your entire life with. It’s only natural as to what comes next: the proposal.

Just hearing the word may make your hands shake, but don’t worry. We created a cheat sheet with the necessary steps to plan the proposal of her dreams.

Decide if you’re ready for marriage.

And if she’s ready too. Marriage is a two-way street and both involved should be on the same page. It’s the commitment of a lifetime and is not something to take lightly. If the thought of buying a house together or even possibly having children together excites you, then it’s time to propose.

PRO-TIP: Don’t propose just because you’re feeling pressured. There is no set time frame. Propose when the time is right for you.

Choose the perfect ring.

Before you propose, it’s important to have the symbol of engagement itself — a sparkling engagement ring. Choosing the right ring depends on the personality and style of your significant other. Setting your budget depends on you. Each of our engagement rings and center stones is sold separately, letting you personalize a ring that she’ll love while sticking to a budget that’s right for you. Scroll through her Pinterest to find styles of rings she may be pinning, or casually drop into a Shane Co. store “just to look.” Remember, we’re here to help!

PRO-TIP: For 5 ways to build the perfect (and affordable!) engagement ring, click here.

Ask for permission.

While this may seem a bit old-fashioned, a study conducted by The Knot revealed that only 19% of women said that the guy should skip this step in the proposal process ― that leaves 81% left to say it’s a must-do. Family is important. Good graces with the parents will lead to a good relationship with your future in-laws.

PRO-TIP: If she’s not close to one of her parents, make sure you ask permission from who’s most important to her. Whether it’s her mom, dad or even an aunt or uncle, take the time to build that relationship and respect.

Pick the perfect location.

Whether it’s the place you had your first kiss, the top of the mountain on your favorite hike or simply in your living room, choose a location that has meaning. Once you pick the place, the rest of the planning will come naturally.

PRO-TIP: Understand that public proposals aren’t for everyone. Choose a place by anticipating her initial reaction.

Don’t forget to kneel when you pop the question!

It’s necessary to plan what you want to say, but don’t forget to end with the question that says it all — “Will you marry me?” Don’t let the nerves get the best of you in this moment. Make sure to place one bended knee on the ground, as tradition would have it, and make eye contact. The sincerity of your speech (and the sparkling ring) will be more than enough to make her say “yes.”

PRO-TIP: Practice what you want to say in front of a mirror before the big day. Practice makes perfect and will help build confidence.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Elle Photography.

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