Four Ways to Celebrate Your Engagement

Once the nerves have settled (at least until “I do”), it’s time to celebrate your engagement. If the proposal sucked all of the creativity out of you, we have a few ideas to lend.

1. Throw a surprise engagement party the night of the proposal

A formal engagement party that happens weeks or months after the proposal can feel a bit misplaced. Instead, try to plan a surprise engagement party right after she says yes—it will be another awesome surprise on top of your already amazing proposal.

Pro tip: Send out an intro email to all of your friends and family and then enlist the help of one or two friends to be the point of contact going forward. The last thing you want is a random email, call or text with your soon-to-be fiancée over your shoulder.

2. Go on an engagement-moon

Why not kick off your engagement with a trip to paradise or some offline time in the mountains? It can be part of the proposal surprise and it will certainly keep those butterflies you gave her flying.

Pro tip: Tell your hotel (and anywhere else you book a reservation) that you’re on your engagement-moon. You’ll get tons of champagne and other surprises along the way!

3. Scrapbook the proposal

Hopefully you have keepsakes from the proposal—whether it’s photos from when you were on one knee, tickets to the theater the night you did it or the napkin from the restaurant you ate at right after. Take some time to make something really great for your fiancée so that both of you can relive that favorite moment anytime you want.

Pro tip: There is no shame in asking someone more creative to help you out. Check Etsy for crafty ideas and even craftier people to carry them out.

4. Have a monthly date night

Wedding planning can be crazy—details just stack up, opinions come at you from everywhere and budget planning is always a huge headache. At times, it can honestly feel like the opposite of magical. That’s why we’re huge fans of a monthly date night leading up to the wedding to remind you of all the warm and fuzzy parts of having a life partner.

Pro tip: Do it on the anniversary of your proposal or your future wedding date—either way, bring home flowers and enjoy whatever you have planned without the wedding talk.

There you have it—a few ideas to keep your hearts pounding with joy, since that’s what it’s all about, fellas!

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