The Fantasy Collection

The word “fantasy” evokes a picture of a beautiful world filled with charm and elegance. Our Fantasy Collection offers the perfect way to customize your ring and enhance your diamond. Adding a Shane Co. Fantasy head to a ring will make it really unique—no one else will have the same look.

With five stunning styles to choose from, your diamond will reach a new level of style, sparkle and splendor! Ava, Alexa, Arielle, Guinevere and Tatiana change the look of your ring with one step. They range in price from $90-$275 and will fit five different diamond shapes: brilliant round, princess cut, cushion cut, emerald cut and radiant cut.


Ava Fantasy HeadsAva has the simple beauty of a time long ago and takes you to an age when queens and princesses roamed the land. With four prongs encircling a beautiful round diamond and four special hidden hearts, everyone will know your ring came from the heart.


Alexa Fantasy HeadsAlexa’s uniqueness comes from simplicity. The elegance of the ring is preserved, but your center stone will be subtly accented by the diamonds in the Fantasy head.  Alexa will hold brilliant round, princess, cushion, emerald and radiant cut diamonds.


Arielle Fantasy HeadsArielle features a stunning swirl of diamonds, which evokes a feeling of being by the sea. Add a touch of whimsy to your brilliant round diamond with this Fantasy head. Your ring will be the envy of all who see it.



Guinevere Fantasy HeadsGuinevere is a stunning Fantasy head. Perfect for your brilliant round diamond, she will give you the look of a halo with a vintage touch. With a beautiful star-like appearance, people will stop and stare.



Tatiana Fantasy HeadsTatiana’s regality brings to mind a princess of yesteryear. Her vintage beauty shows a level of class and uniqueness that is truly one of a kind. Whether you have a brilliant round or princess cut diamond, this Fantasy head will enhance the beauty and size of your diamond to make your ring all that you have dreamed of.



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