Simple & Elegant Engagement Rings

When you picture your dream ring, do you see something classic and timeless? Many women aren’t sure about going with their gut instinct to pick a simple design—after all, you want something that represents you! But there are oh, so many ways to make classic rings uniquely yours. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Solitaire

oct-2nd_41075445_er_002_bl Don’t overlook the deceptively modest solitaire engagement ring—there are so many different ways to make it distinctively yours. For instance, you can choose an unusual center diamond shape, customize the number of prongs, pick one with gorgeously detailed engraving or have your ring made in a less-common metal such as rose gold.

The Solitaire-Pavé Hybrid

oct-2nd_41075086_er_bl If you love the look of a solitaire, but crave just a little something more, try a ring like this little beauty that cleverly mixes the appearance of a solitaire and a pavé ring. Each time you move your hand, there will be an unexpected shimmer of sparkle! It’s the perfect way to put a little extra something into your classic ring.

The Pavé

oct-2nd_41048912_er_bl Another of our favorite classic styles is the pavé band. It gives you a bit of extra sparkle and just like the classic solitaire, it can have a style all its own with a unique center stone and shank modifications.

The Three-Stone

oct-2nd_41045117_er_bl Three-stone rings were originally designed to represent the past, present and future of a couple, and this charming style has cemented itself as a timeless representation of love ever since. Try mixing and matching stone shapes and colors to make this gorgeous style the perfect piece for your love story. Love these timeless styles? You can find these beauties and more on!

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