Caring for Your Jewelry in the Winter

Whether it’s that sparkly new Diamond Babies necklace you received Christmas morning, your engagement ring or your favorite pair of earrings, you always want your jewelry to stay safe. Here are some winter jewelry care tips that every girl should know.

Be Careful When Bundling Up

Cooler weather means we layer on soft sweaters with fluffy scarves. While this keeps us warm, it can also be a danger to our jewelry pieces. When taking off scarves, necklaces and earrings often get caught and pulled. Take extra care this time of year to make sure your jewelry hasn’t gotten tangled in your outer layers. My recommendation is to put your jewelry on last and take it off first when you get home. Also stop by Shane Co. and have all your prongs checked to make sure nothing is loose.

Be Mindful of Your Hands

A change in seasons also means a change in your body. Specifically, your hands. Make sure your rings are fitting properly on colder days. A loose ring can easily be flung from your hand during winter activities. Depending on how loose it is, you have the option to size the ring or sometimes temporary sizers can solve the problem. However, if you like to ski or snowboard, it may be best to leave your favorite rings in the jewelry box.

Pack Your Jewelry Carefully

When traveling during the winter months, make sure that you keep your jewelry safe. A great way to do that is by purchasing a travel jewelry case. The basics to look for are a separate area to hold earrings, a way to store your necklaces without tangling and a bracelet bar to slide your bracelets on. This is also a great way to keep your pieces from rubbing against each other and scratching while being transported.

Make Sure Your Jewelry Is Insured

As we get closer to a new year, it’s also important to remember to start the year off right by protecting your jewelry from total loss or theft. Making sure your homeowners insurance is up to date with current appraisals and proper coverage for your jewelry is key. At Shane Co., you are provided with an appraisal, which makes the process even easier.

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