Top 5 Proposal Tips

National Proposal Day is only a week away and we couldn’t be more excited! If you’re planning to pop the question on March 20, take note of these top proposal tips!

1. Choose a special location


Select a location that’s special and meaningful to both of you. It could be somewhere you love going together or a new picturesque spot that will take her breath away. When choosing the location, remember to also consider the best time of day to be there. If you’re proposing near the water, a sunset background could make it even more romantic!

2. Make it a complete surprise

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Before you pop the question, you’ll be filled with excitement and it might be hard to keep all of those feelings to yourself. But try to keep the secret safe and only tell those you think should know about your plan, like her parents and closest friends.

3. Capture the moment

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Proposing is a very memorable experience, but it’s often so thrilling that you might have trouble remembering all of the details later. Whether it’s a friend or a professional photographer, have someone take pictures so you have visual reminders of the special day years down the road.

4. Include friends and family


There’s nothing better than sharing one of the most special days of your life with your loved ones. Consider inviting family and friends to share in the special moment.

5. Celebrate after the proposal


Whether you pull out a hidden bottle of Champagne, take photos together or head off to a romantic dinner, have something planned after the proposal. This is the perfect time to tell her how you found the ring and how you pulled off the surprise. She’ll love hearing the fun details!

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