Unique Ways to Propose on National Proposal Day

Did you know March 20 is National Proposal Day? This day was created for the men who have been waiting for the perfect time to propose and need a little push. So, now that he has the perfect day to ask, here are some unique proposal ideas.

The Mug Proposal

Does your significant other love warm beverages? Find a mug and write “Will you marry me?” inside. Once she finishes her drink, she will be blown away by the surprise message!

The Park Proposal

If you two have a favorite park or somewhere in town that is meaningful to both of you, go there for the proposal. Make it seem like a casual outing, and then when she least expects it, get on one knee and pop the question.

The Spelled-Out Proposal

Whether it’s with lights, candles or even written in the sand, having “Will You Marry Me?” spelled out is super romantic. It’s a picture-perfect proposal she’ll never forget.

The Puppy Proposal

It’s okay to ask a furry friend for some help! Tie the ring on your dog or cat’s collar and take her breath away with an unexpected proposal.

The Classic Proposal

Come home with a bouquet of roses and a bottle of wine, and hide your ring in one of the flowers. It’s simple, yet completely romantic and she won’t see it coming!

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