How to Keep Your Proposal a Secret

There are some life events that you will never forget, and planning your proposal is one of them. From finding the perfect ring to asking her parents for permission, there are so many details that go into the whole process. One thing you definitely want to do is keep your proposal a secret! Here are some tips on how to make sure she is completely surprised when you get down on one knee.

Before You Buy the Ring

First things first, you want to keep the engagement ring a secret. Make sure you are paying for it with an account she does not know about. Also, when shopping for her ring, try and take some time off work or go shopping when she is out of town so she doesn’t wonder where you are. Lastly, after you purchase the ring, find a good hiding place, and I don’t mean your glove compartment. Think outside the box to places that she never looks. You could also give it to a close family member or friend to hold onto until the proposal.

Before You Plan the Proposal

Of course you are excited, but don’t tell the world that you are getting ready to propose. The fewer people you tell, the better. All it takes is one person to tell someone else, and your proposal plan can spread like wildfire. If you have friends and family helping you pull it off, have the communication be in person or over the phone. You don’t want her to see a text on your phone discussing the surprise!

Before You Ask

The day of your proposal can be nerve-racking. Take a deep breath and relax—even if something does not go exactly as planned, it’s okay. She loves you for you! Try to stick to a normal routine that day and do not give any hints that something exciting is coming. If you need to, do something like going for a run to get your pre-proposal jitters out of the way.

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