How to Announce Your Engagement

Congratulations on your engagement! After all of the excitement of shopping for your dream ring and getting engaged, all that is left is to do is share the news with your friends and family. All couples want their wedding to be unique, so why not start with your announcement? Here are some fun ways to celebrate.

Have a Party

After he proposes, keep it a secret. Invite everyone over for an impromptu cocktail party or barbeque without letting them know the real reason. This will be very difficult to do, of course, but it will make it easy to tell the most important people in your life all at once. As the party is underway, gather everyone for a special announcement. Flash that bling and announce that you got engaged! Your friends and family will love getting to celebrate with you in person. You’ll also get to have an engagement party and announcement all in one.

Take Lots of Pictures

Pictures are a great way to commemorate such an important event. If you don’t have a photographer there for the proposal, find one in the next few days to take photos that you can share with friends and family. If a professional photographer isn’t for you, grab a friend or family member with a camera or smartphone and return to the scene of the proposal to take some silly or romantic shots. You could also go to the place where you had your first date or first kiss and reenact it! Just have fun with it!

Take to Social Media

There are many different social media channels that allow you to share the big news. One cardinal rule, however, is you should always tell the people you’re closest to first. Parents, grandparents and close friends and family should know before your social media announcement. When you’re ready, have a friend or photographer take a fun picture of the two of you smiling your biggest “We’re engaged!” smile and hop on Instagram or Facebook to spread the word.

Share Your News via Mail

Another great idea is to send a letter that tells your love story. Start with your first date, then share something special toward the middle of your relationship and finish with the day you got engaged. Make sure to add a picture of the proposal and the ring, of course! Mail this to your friends and family along with a save-the-date if you already have the date picked out.

Whatever way you choose to make your announcement, make sure it represents who you are as a newly engaged couple.

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