Holiday Proposal Inspiration from a Pro

Thinking of proposing over the holidays? We don’t blame you! Family and friends are getting together, the best dates include hot chocolate and mistletoe and it feels like something magical is going to happen every day. If proposing this season is on your radar, here are a few ideas to help you plan:

  1. Ask her at a Christmas tree farm. This can be a festive and cozy place to propose. Bring a picnic blanket, have some lunch and ask her to marry you in front of her favorite tree.
  1. Wait for a snowy day! If you want to keep it simple and private and you don’t have a specific date in mind, wait for a snowy day. There’s nothing more magical or romantic than playing in the snow together, and she won’t question you when you bring up the idea after you wake up to fresh snow.
  1. Do it at the dinner table. At a dinner or get-together, go around the room and have each person say something they’re thankful for or hopeful for in the new year. When it’s your turn, surprise your love (and her whole family) with your big question!
  1. Have her open the ring box under the Christmas tree. As obvious as this might sound, you’ll still surprise the jingle bell out of her when she opens an engagement ring from under the tree. Make sure you wrap it in a larger box so it doesn’t resemble the size of a ring box, and have her open the special gift smack dab in the middle of present opening.
  1. In the middle of a photo shoot. A lot of families take the opportunity to do a group photo while everyone is together for the holidays. Make a few signs that say “Will you marry me?” and ask people from the group to hold them up while the photographer takes the photo. Have the photographer show the photo to everyone for “approval,” and when she looks at it on the screen, she’ll see everyone holding the signs and be shocked when you get down on one knee seconds later.

There you have it! Feel free to modify these ideas, combine them or put your own unique twist on top. There are so many ways to incorporate the magic of the holidays, so get creative! Head over to HowHeAsked for more holiday proposal inspiration, and specifically Christmas proposal ideas too! And good luck!

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