Fall Proposal Ideas

There’s something magical about the fall. Maybe it’s the leaves changing, maybe it’s how beautiful the weather always is. Or maybe it’s because you’re planning to propose! If the latter is the case, here are a few ideas to help you pull off a truly great fall proposal.

1. Propose at the End of a Hay Maze

Hay mazes pop up all over the place during fall, and they’re a blast. Have a few of your girlfriend’s friends plan a day trip to one nearby. You’ll obviously go too, but she won’t know it. When she finds herself wandering toward the maze’s finish line, she’ll never expect you to be there on one knee! Tip: If you hire a photographer, tell the maze’s staff what you’re up to and ask if a photographer can climb on top of a hay barrel to capture it.

2. Carve “Will You Marry Me” into Your Pumpkin

This is also a great way to turn a fall activity into the surprise of her life. If you’re not the craftiest, you can have someone else carve the pumpkin and then in the middle of your carving session together, swap their pumpkin in for your own when she’s not looking. When the big reveal comes, she’ll be shocked.

3. Propose at Friends-giving

A lot of women want their friends and family included in the proposal. If that sounds like your girlfriend, have someone in your friend circle suggest a Friends-giving the week before actual Thanksgiving. Ask everyone to bring a dish and then have each person name their dish something special from your relationship. If you met in college, have one of the dishes be named “University of Texas.” If your first date was at a pub, have a second dish be named “The Pub.” A crafty friend (or someone on Etsy) might be able to make adorable name cards. When she walks in and starts reading what each of the dishes are named, she’ll become overwhelmed with emotion! That’s when you can get down on one knee and pop the big question!

4. Holiday Photo Shoot

Most women would jump at the opportunity to do a photo shoot. If you suggest one for Christmas cards, she’d never suspect you had a little something extra to capture in the middle of it.   Want more marriage proposal ideas? How He Asked can certainly help you with that!

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