Shawn and Jessica’s Winter Wonderland Proposal

Talk about a picturesque proposal! We couldn’t help but share this gorgeous love story with you:

Shawn and Jessica met on a blind date set up by her best friend. They went on a bowling double date, and Jessica thinks Shawn must have been pretty nervous because it remains the only time she’s ever beaten him at a sport! That date kicked off the first relationship for both of them, and four and a half years later, they’ve gotten to celebrate all of their first milestones together, from a first kiss, to graduating college and getting their first jobs. At about the three-year point, Shawn and Jessica started seriously discussing marriage and made the decision to look for rings together, but Shawn got to decide when and how the actual proposal was going to take place.


When they went shopping for rings, Jessica was looking for something timeless, traditional and not too large since she has such slender fingers. She had done some shopping around on the Shane Co. website, but once they made an in-person visit, it was Shawn who spotted the beautiful ring that Jessica ultimately fell in love with. It has a dainty, thin band with bezel-set diamonds, and Jessica chose to set a stunning princess cut diamond as the center stone to complete her dainty dream ring!

With the perfect ring decided on, Jessica now just had to wait for the big proposal. She had a clue it was coming soon when she found out that Shawn had asked her sister and her parents for their blessing. Then, one day Shawn mentioned casually to Jessica that he’d like to go out for dinner at Bisetti’s in Old Town Fort Collins—the restaurant where they celebrated their first anniversary. That night, he made a few closed-door phone calls and Jessica decided that before they left she should probably do her hair, makeup and nails just in case! On their way to Bisetti’s, a heavy snow began and it continued through their meal.


As they were walking back to their car, Shawn took Jessica down a route that passed through a gorgeous open courtyard strung with fairy lights. With the snow, it had become a perfect winter wonderland. As the snow continued to fall, Shawn got down on one knee and asked Jessica if she would marry him! The second Jessica choked out a teary “yes,” out popped her sister, as well as Shawn’s siblings and Jessica’s best friend Jamie, who had set them up on that blind date so many years ago. Jessica had no idea they would be there for this moment, and it was so special to celebrate afterwards with them and a bottle of champagne!


Shawn and Jessica are looking forward to having their wedding in the summer of 2018. We’re so excited for this wonderful couple and are so happy to be a part of their love story!

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