Ways to Introduce Engagement Ring Shopping

She’s your one and only, the ying to your yang, the peanut butter to your jelly. Now you know you want to put a ring on her finger, but how do you get started? Finding styles of inspiration online or through friends and co-workers can only go so far. Additionally, finding the style you know she will love can be added pressure. Recently, a climbing percentage of couples are choosing to shop together for an engagement ring so that they can find the ring that is as unique in style as she is. This eases the pressure for the nervous gentleman looking at ring after ring after ring, and it guarantees that she will find her ultimate dream engagement ring that will adorn her finger for the rest of your lives together. This time is meant to be fun and exciting for the two of you and her added help is great, but how can you introduce shopping together and express that you want to buy an engagement ring but keep the surprise of the engagement alive? At Shane Co, let us take over the “hard” work for you! We are here to help with picking out ring styles and to help keep the surprise a secret.

If you are wondering how you may start to look for an engagement ring with the help of your significant other, here are a couple ways you might try. One technique that allows you to keep the engagement a secret from her is to keep the “when” and “how” details to yourself. If you are a couple that have been together for many years and she has subtly hinted a few ideas to you, it is a great idea to mention that you would love to see a ring that she picks out in person, rather than on her pinterest account (which just so happens to be bookmarked on your laptop browser). Now if you have been a couple for only months to a year, suggest that you would love to know her style of ring for someday; wink wink! (We’ll be here to help catch her ring size when you are in the store as well). By suggesting a fun afternoon of ring browsing after a lunch date, you can be sure to find at least three of her favorites throughout the bridal cases at Shane Co. Our relaxed and friendly atmosphere is sure to keep your afternoon a fun and light-hearted event of looking through engagement ring ideas for her, while also easing your shopping process.

Take your time and be sure to take full advantage of the tools offered to you by the friendly sales associates. We are here to help you keep the surprise alive with options of saving your favorites into a bridal wish list account or by securing her absolute favorite into our layaway program. After all, sometimes the surprise is not what she’s getting, but when and how it will be presented to her! An alternative method to slightly get ideas rolling about her engagement ring style is to get her best girlfriend in on your secret. Let her casually slip the need to get her own ring or jewelry cleaned at Shane Co. and then continue on to look “just for fun” throughout the store, then slip into the bridal section. A girls’ afternoon of shopping through ring styles can be a way for her to find a ring that she loves and for her girlfriend to get the inside scoop.

The same tools apply for her girlfriend when helping. Keeping a Shane Co. MyWay account with bridal favorites can be accessed by you through our stores by just knowing her information. After your trusty side kick gets a bulk of the information, we are here to help with the rest. Ring shopping can be different for all couples. Once the ring style of her dreams is known, the rest will fall easily into place in choosing the center diamond or sapphire to compliment and complete the ring. This process can be done together or may be saved as a secret completely without her. Feel relaxed when shopping for the ring of her dreams. This is an important moment in both of your lives and we are here to help with the technical side of things while making it a fun process for you. No matter where you are in your relationship, you know when it is the right time and we are so excited to be there for you. Good luck shopping and congratulations on this next step in your lives together.

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