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Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

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This message is for all the guys searching for a unique wedding band. I know that a jewelry store is usually all about the ladies, but what happens when us guys want to have a wedding ring that fits our personality too? Most places you go to will have limited options and let’s face it, you’ll usually find the classic “dad ring”—very basic with no detail or personality. If you want to find something special, Shane Co. can help. Here’s an official guidebook to unique men’s wedding rings!



Cobalt is a bright white metal that is also very strong. Shane Co. has many stylish bands crafted in this hypoallergenic metal, and we offer styles with carbon fibers and inlays, including rosewood, to make sure the ring makes the statement you’re looking for.



Titanium is a perfect metal for those who want a darker look. It’s naturally a darker metal and is extremely durable. With the same carbon fiber and inlay potential as cobalt, Shane Co. gives you plenty of unique options to choose from. I personally love the blue ionic plating option!



Just because diamonds are a girl’s best friend does not mean us gents do not want some sparkle. Shane Co. has dozens of men’s bands featuring diamonds. Whether you want a classic single diamond or one with several diamonds, we have all sorts of designs for you! Our sparkling men’s bands will let you make a statement every day of the week.

Sapphires and Rubies


For the guys who love color, I recommend our men’s wedding bands that feature blue sapphires and rubies. Shane Co. also has several designs in our Noire collection that feature black sapphires. Having a wedding band with color is a great way to express yourself!

Engraved and Textured


Men’s wedding bands with an engraved or textured design are very popular. Created out of either gold or platinum, these designs have a classic look, yet have a bit of personality. They are great for the guys who want a bit of design, but don’t want to have anything too flashy or over the top on their hand.


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Andrew became a member of the Shane Co. family in October 2014, when he was hired as a Diamond Consultant for the Woodbury store. In his role, Andrew is responsible for helping customers find the perfect gift for the best value. His favorite thing about working for Shane Co. is making the shopping experience fun for the guests he works with. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys writing, traveling and producing his own music.

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