The FAQs on Engagement Rings and Diamonds

Shopping for an engagement ring is a fun and exciting time, but it can also be very stressful. Here are five commonly asked questions from engagement ring shoppers and answers to give you a jump start in your search for the perfect ring!

Q: How do I know her ring size?

Finding out her ring size might involve some sneakiness. If you are trying to keep the proposal a secret but want the ring to fit perfectly, we have a couple of suggestions. A surefire way to find the perfect size is to bring in a ring she already owns, preferably one she wears on her left ring finger. If you can’t sneak a ring away without her noticing, print out our ring sizing guide and follow the instructions to determine her ring size. We also have temporary sizers you can take if you aren’t quite sure of her size. That way, she can still wear her ring after the big moment and then bring it in for a proper fitting later.

Q: Do you have something that won’t blow my budget but is still beautiful?

No matter what your budget, we will help guide you to the perfect ring. We also have several tools that can help you maximize your budget, including a layaway program that allows you to make monthly payments with no interest or penalties. We also have financing through Wells Fargo. You can have a dedicated line of credit for all of your jewelry needs!

Q: Do I have to pay for an extended warranty plan?

No! Here at Shane Co., we take care of our customers by guaranteeing your jewelry for life. That includes free cleanings, inspections and sizing for as long as you own the piece. This alone will save you hundreds of dollars over the years compared to other jewelers who don’t provide a warranty or only guarantee their jewelry for a number of years. Diamonds are forever, so our warranty is too.

Q: What is the most important aspect of a diamond?

When you shop for diamonds, you will hear a lot about the 4 Cs: clarity, cut, color and carat. Some jewelers might explain the different meanings, but when you come into our store, we like to SHOW rather than tell. Everybody perceives beauty differently. We will show you the characteristics of different diamonds and let you decide which one you think is the most important. That’s why our settings don’t already have the diamond mounted. We want you to pick out YOUR perfect diamond.

Q: Can I exchange the ring later on for a bigger diamond/different setting?

YES! Shane Co. offers one of the best trade-in/upgrade programs in the business. You will receive the full value of what you paid for any diamond, ruby or sapphire toward the purchase of a new stone. All that is required is a minimum one dollar increase. For any qualifying metal purchase, simply double the original amount in your next purchase. This is a great option for upgrading her engagement ring for a special anniversary!

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