Is it Your Dream Ring?

The love of your life is many wonderful things: the person who makes you laugh, makes your heart skip a beat, even thinks you’re adorable when you’re grumpy. But sometimes, as wonderful as this person is, he or she doesn’t always share your incredible sense of style. Did you dream of an exquisite round cut diamond set beautifully in white gold and instead were given a princess cut diamond set in yellow gold? Have you always appreciated a vintage style with filigree and fine detail but received a simple solitaire instead? Don’t sweat the small stuff! Your friend in the diamond business is here to take care of you!

If you’re fortunate enough to receive a ring from the love of your life, congratulations! If that particular ring’s style is really not what you had in mind, not to worry! Here at the Shane Co., we have the best trade-in and exchange policy around. Our exchange/return policy is a full 60 days. That means you have two months to be sure the ring on your finger is THE ring! You can literally wear your ring for a month and half, suffer buyer’s remorse and then come in and exchange it for something else. If you aren’t head over heels in love with the ring and there’s absolutely nothing else you like at Shane Co. (though with over 900 ring styles to choose from, we surely have a ring style for everyone!), you can return it for a full refund. There are zero restocking fees, and every penny will go back into the love of your life’s pocket.

Not only do you have two months to alter the final touches on your ring, but you have our trade-in policy for LIFE! That means if years down the road you decide you want a heart-shaped diamond instead of a cushion cut, or you want a rose gold ring instead of platinum, you will get the value that you paid for your original purchase towards the cost of your new ring. If you want to trade in your ring, you just double the cost of the original. So if your original setting was $500, you will get $500 off a new setting that’s $1000 or more. And then you only have to pay the difference. If you want to trade in your diamond, you just have to choose one that is at least one dollar more than your original. One whole dollar, that’s it! So you could have a radiant cut diamond for a few years, then change it to an oval cut. Or if you want a bigger rock (because really, what woman doesn’t want a bigger stone?) you can upgrade it as many times as you want. I know one couple that started an anniversary tradition of upgrading their center stone. They started with a 0.20-carat marquise and now they have a 0.72-carat diamond. Talk about a sparkling tradition!

Here at Shane Co., we not only have the best styles and selection for your initial purchase, we also have many options for changes, upgrades and enhancements down the road. Whatever your style is today and no matter what it may be down the road, there is something for everyone at Shane Co. Aren’t you even more excited about your ring now?

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