How to Help Him Find Your Dream Ring

So, you’ve talked about marriage and know that it’s something you and your special someone want to pursue, but the magic moment hasn’t happened yet. With so many engagement ring options, it can be stressful knowing he’s out there shopping for the one you’ll wear for the rest of your life. If you want to help him pick out the ring of your dreams, here are a few tips:

The Pinterest Solution

Pinterest is your new best friend. Follow Shane Co. on Pinterest, and start looking through our selections. Pin what you like and then send him a link to your page. This way you aren’t telling him exactly what to get, but you’re giving him a taste of what you like. When he comes into Shane Co., he can show us your Pinterest board and we’ll help him pick out the perfect ring for your style.

Top Three

Come shopping with us and pick your three very favorite rings. We’ll write down the item numbers, and then he can come in and pick out his favorite. This works twofold— you will be happy with any of the rings he selects and he has the freedom to turn down something that doesn’t fit his taste.

The 50/50 Compromise

With everything in life, there are aspects you can’t live without and aspects that don’t matter quite as much. When it comes to engagement rings, girls often have their heart set on a particular setting, or they want a particular diamond cut. Pick out the details that mean the most to you, and have him weigh in on what you’re flexible on.

Shop Together

Modern couples are warming up to the idea of shopping for an engagement ring together. Remember, knowing what the ring and the diamond look like does not ruin the romance—he can still sweep you off your feet with a proposal you were not expecting.

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