Engagement Rings for Her Style

Love is for everyone, but not all love is the same. Just as your love is one-of-a-kind, our engagement rings vow to not only last a lifetime, but complement her personal style and flair.

We’ve gathered our favorite engagement rings from our Valentine’s Day collection and matched each style to a unique personality. From vintage and timeless to beautifully romantic, the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life can be found here.

Timeless Beauty

With each passing trend and fading fad, her sense of style  stays consistent. She never lets the next big thing in fashion get the best of her. She likes styles that will continue to stand the test of time and these sparkling engagement rings surely will. With milgrain detail and intricate swirls, these rings allow her to not only follow trends, but to set them.

All Things Vintage

She loves to browse through antique stores, dusting off old books to reveal their history. She’s fascinated with the way life was in the past, and that reflects in her present style. These vintage inspired engagement rings are especially appealing to her with their intricate and sparkling design. With elegant details and shimmering hand-matched diamonds, it’s no question that the girl who loves all things vintage would swoon over these rings.

Classically Chic

She’s simple but chic. Her go-to accessory is a pair of diamond studs, while her closet has never seen stripes or polka-dots. Her uncomplicated personality lends itself to our classic designs. The refined sparkle from these bezel-set and pavé engagement rings will catch the light and her eye with every movement. The pear-cut diamond is classic, while the heart-shaped diamond satisfies her desire to be chic at all times. Believe us, she won’t be able to stop staring.

Hopeless Romantic

She buys herself fresh cut roses every weekend at the farmer’s market and can recite every Nicholas Sparks movie. Her ideal date night is watching a Rom-Com she’s seen a thousand times. For a girl this romantic, these settings are sure to leave her breathless. The brilliant sparkle of each of these rings will sweep her off her feet and the delicate design will last forever, much longer than any bouquet of roses.


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