10 Popular Diamond Shapes

Choosing the shape of the center diamond for your engagement ring is a very personal decision. Shane Co. prides itself on carrying the 10 most popular diamond shapes in the market:

1. Brilliant Round


The full cut round diamond is the most popular shape on the market. It maximizes light, creating dazzling sparkle.

2. Princess


Square-shaped with many sparkling facets, the princess cut is a fancier choice and works in almost any ring style.

3. Cushion


A marriage between the round and princess cuts, the cushion cut ranges in shape from square to rectangular with rounded corners. It’s gorgeous in vintage-inspired rings.

4. Emerald






The emerald shape is a rectangle with corner facets and broad, flat planes. It is given a steep cut, creating rows or “steps” of elongated facets.

5. Radiant






The radiant shape is similar to an emerald cut. Radiant cut diamonds have angled corners and can range from square to rectangle.

 6. Oval


The oval cut is an elliptical shape based on the brilliant cut. Because it creates the illusion of length, it is a popular style for a woman with a small hand or short fingers.

7. Marquise


A variation on the brilliant cut, the marquise has an elongated shape with pointed ends. Its shape is flattering for small hands because it makes the finger appear longer.

 8. Pear


The teardrop-shaped pear diamond makes a beautiful ring. The cut is a cross between brilliant and marquise, and it is also well-suited to women with petite hands or short fingers.

 9. Heart


The heart-shaped diamond is the most romantic of all diamond shapes. It is like a pear shape, but with a cleft at the top.

 10. Asscher


The Asscher shape has a “stepped” square cut with cropped corners. It is a wonderful choice for fashion-forward women who desire a dramatic engagement ring.

Every diamond shape has its own loyal following, and there really is no wrong choice, as long as she loves the way it looks on her finger. At the Shane Co. store in Roseville, California, Diamond Consultant Brian Hendricks says he personally likes the emerald cut the most because, “It is classic and tranquil.” The Roseville store manager, Tanner Brannam, has a different preference in a diamond. He said, “I prefer the radiant cut because it has a very unique sparkle that is different than any other diamond.”

I also asked a Shane Co. customer for his preference when he was upgrading his wife’s center diamond. He chose an Asscher cut diamond, explaining, “I like the Asscher mostly because it’s rare, but it also has a unique look that I like. I looked all over Sacramento and Shane Co. was the only jeweler that had it.”

So what’s my favorite diamond shape, you ask? I have to go with the most popular diamond shape—the brilliant round. I personally like this cut because of the overall symmetry and sparkle. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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