Alternative Metal Options for Men’s Bands

If you’re shopping for a men’s wedding band, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the options. In addition to traditional precious metals, such as gold and platinum, alternative metals have grown in popularity. Understanding your options will help you select the perfect band for your needs.

Titanium and Maximum Titanium

Textured Titanium Comfort Fit RingPolished and Hammered Comfort Fit Titanium RingBrushed Comfort Fit Titanium Mens Band

If you’re looking for a band that is lightweight but also very durable, titanium is for you. The lustrous white metal is as tough as it is stylish. Titanium will not rust or tarnish, it is ideal for sensitive skin types, and if you enjoy spending time outdoors, you won’t need to worry about a titanium ring. The metal doesn’t fade in the sun and it has no reaction to salt water.

If you want something even tougher, Shane Co. offers maximum titanium in our Max-T Collection. These bands are heavier and extremely durable.


Black Cobalt Ring with Rosewood InlayCobalt Comfort Fit RingCobalt Comfort Fit Ring with Satin Finish

If you’re looking for a band that has the look of a traditional precious metal, but with more durability, cobalt is for you. The bright white metal is often compared to platinum, but it is four times harder and never fades. It is also perfect for sensitive skin because the metal is hypoallergenic. If you work with your hands a lot or if you lead an active lifestyle, you won’t need to worry about taking your cobalt band off all the time because the metal is shatterproof and will not crack.


Visit ShaneCo.Com to view our large selection of alternative metal bands or visit your local store for help selecting the perfect ring.

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