6 Sneaky Ways to Hint Your Ring Style

You know what style of engagement ring you want, but does he? If you want him to propose with your dream ring, you need to give some clues. Here are six artful ways to help him find a ring you’ll love without being too obvious.

1. Leave a Clue on the Computer

If you share a computer, “accidentally” leave clues online to drop the hint. Whether it’s bookmarking jewelry pages or leaving a tab open with ring styles you love, he will appreciate the hints.

2. Create a Ring Board on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to store photos of the ring styles you love all in one place. Create a board with a title that won’t easily be missed like “Rings I love” or “My dream ring,” and let him know that you are actively posting. I can’t tell you how many times a guy has come into our store with no clue what his girlfriend would like, until I ask if she has a Pinterest account and… voila!

3. Tell Friends and Family

A lot of guys rely on their significant other’s friends and close family members for help. Make sure to share photos, your ring size and preferred diamond shapes with them so they can help him find your dream ring. He might even want your bestie to accompany him to the jewelry store. Even better!

4. Subscribe to a Bridal Magazine

Yes, subscribe, but discreetly leave it in plain view. Bookmark a photo of a ring you love and literally scrawl “Love!” or “OMG!” next to the photo. This might seem too obvious, but he will be happy to get the hint.

5. Give Him a “Hint” Card

There is nothing wrong with getting ahead of the game and pre-shopping for your ring! Narrow the search to your top three, have a Shane Co. sales associate write down the information for those rings on a hint card, and then give it to your guy. Your Shane Co. sales associate will take it from there when he visits the store.

6. Go Window Shopping

Next time you two pass a jewelry store, suggest that you go inside to look at rings “just for fun.” Casually show him the engagement rings you like and talk about the styles you prefer. He will definitely take a mental note for later!


No matter what ring he chooses for you, it will be more than platinum, gold and diamonds. It will be a symbol of love and commitment and a promise of a long and beautiful life together.

Good luck and happy hinting!

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