5 Fun Facts About Gold

Gold has played a part in nearly every culture around the globe—from industrial uses to religious symbolism to a form of currency and, of course, beautiful jewelry. Working at Shane Co., I have learned a lot about the precious metal. Here are five of my favorite facts:

1. There are different purity grades

When found in nature, gold is very soft. Because of this, the metal must be alloyed with stronger metals to be suitable for making jewelry. Gold purity is represented in karats, ranging from 24 karat (100% pure) to 10 karat (approximately 40% pure). Shane Co. pieces are made of 14 karat gold, which allows the jewelry to retain the gold’s rarity and luster, but still be rigid enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

2. It is easy to repair and maintain

Gold is non-corrosive, which means it will never rust or tarnish, and it’s very easy to clean. You can even clean it at home! It also has a relatively low melting point compared to other metals, which makes repairs and resizing possible.

3. There are a variety of colors

In its raw form, gold has a reddish-yellow color. When the metal is used in jewelry, its color can be altered. You can find the classic yellow gold, the more modern white gold and the unique rose gold at Shane Co. You can also find pieces that have two, or even all three, colors combined!

4. It is not originally from the earth

Scientists believe that gold is created when two stars in space collide with each other and the debris released after the explosion falls down to our planet, forming gold. Because of this, real gold cannot be synthesized by man and there is only a limited amount of it in nature.

5. It’s timeless

Throughout the centuries, and despite its many uses, gold is most recognized as a symbol of love and marriage. When you purchase an engagement or wedding ring made of gold, you’re wearing something that is ancient and rare. Gold jewelry is timeless and will become a staple in your collection. It is also ideal jewelry for passing on to the next generation.

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