Winter Jewelry Essentials

Have you transitioned your wardrobe for winter yet? Whatever you do, don’t forget to switch up your jewelry too! Here are the pieces we think are an absolute must for creating the perfect winter styles:

Trendy Necklaces


In the winter, you’ll be wearing plenty of tops with higher necklines, and you’re going to need some long necklaces to go with them! The lariat and Y-style necklace trends are in full force this winter, and they’re just perfect for these styles.

Bold Earrings


Dressing for warmth? Then go for some big, bold earrings. They’ll peek out from your hat, and stay clear of your scarf and coat, giving you a bit of sparkle, no matter how bundled up you are!

Cuff Bracelets


You don’t have to give up on your bracelets just because you’re cozying up in long sleeves—a great new trend is layering cuff bracelets on top of your sleeves. We love this tri-tone combo! 

Which trend are you going to make sure to rock this winter? COMMENT below, then go complete your winter wardrobe at!

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