Winter 2016 Jewelry Trends

Hey, ladies! It’s time to break out your winter wardrobe and accessories, and we’re here to make sure you look perfectly on trend. Here are the most-talked-about jewelry styles for the 2016-2017 winter season:

Layering Is Here to Stay


You won’t just be layering clothes for warmth this winter! The jewelry layering trend isn’t going anywhere, so keep on stacking to your heart’s content.

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls


Pearls are always a good look, but they’re back in a big way and dominating the winter runways. So go ahead—drape yourself in all colors, shapes and sizes of pearls.

Major Ear Bling


Statement earrings are becoming the must-have accessory for winter. We think one of the easiest ways to transform earrings you already have into statement pieces is with some killer earring jackets! They’ll slide right onto your studs and turn them into dangles, halos and just about anything else you could want.

The Y-Style Necklace


We keep seeing one consistent necklace silhouette all over the runways, and it’s the Y style! Looks like it’s this style’s time to shine, so grab your favorite v-neck tops and dresses and pair them with a gorgeous, sparkling Y necklace.

Which style will you be flaunting this winter? Comment below, then head to to get your winter essentials!

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