What’s Hot: Fall 2015

Wondering what you need to spice up your jewelry wardrobe for fall? Take a look at some of the trends spotted on the fall 2015 catwalks and find out how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe!

Unusual Pearls 

So let’s be real, it’s not like pearls ever go out of style, but right now they’re taking over the runway! This trend isn’t just about your classic country club pearls, though—think colored pearls, pearl clusters and other unusual ways to wear them.


Dramatic Earrings 

Earrings are going to be your playground this fall. Large, dangling earrings are in, and the bigger and more amorphous they are, the better. Want to try a really daring earring trend? The single earring look has also been gaining momentum, so try only putting on half of your set next time.

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Baroque Styles 

Let’s start with a definition: Baroque is a style of European art from the 17th and 18th centuries characterized by ornate detail. Look out for styles that include fancy filigree, ornate designs and beautiful aesthetics. Even better, you could look for pieces like the ones below that incorporate more than one of the trends.


Slim Pendants and Chains 

Long, slim and graceful chains, possibly with a dainty pendant on the end if you want an extra little something, are perfect for your fall look. Wear them alone or jump on this year’s layering obsession by wearing several of your favorite dainties.

AugBlogPost_Vintage8_660x400 AugBlogPost_Vintage9_660x400


This fall, florals should be incorporated into your style everywhere. Don’t stop at flower crowns and clothing patterns—extend the trend to your jewelry wardrobe.

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We are super excited that fringe has made its way back to the mainstream! Whether it’s dangling off your retro vest or your necklace, you’ll be seeing plenty of this cool oldie in the fall.


Which of these fall trends is your favorite? Comment below and let us know!

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