Unique Guestbook Ideas

A guestbook for guests of a wedding

Your wedding day is right around the corner and you’re going down the list of things that have been completed: Perfect wedding cake? Check! Perfect venue? Check! But there’s something missing. How do you capture the very moment of your guests’ arrival? Keep reading for my favorite guestbook ideas that will captivate your friends and family on this special day.

Advice Coasters

Imagine getting out a bottle of wine and cuddling with your husband in front of a cozy fireplace five years from now. You don’t want to ruin your table, so you pull out some coasters and find handwritten notes with amazing advice from your friends and family. Having guests write on coasters is a unique guestbook idea that will give you an unexpected surprise down the road.

Date Night Jar

Life gets busy, and we all know that this can take a toll on romance. Plus, it is not always easy to come up with new ideas to WOW your partner. Why not let friends and family help out? Have wedding guests provide date ideas and put them in the jar for those nights where you can’t decide what to do! Go a step further and have two jars, his and hers, and a surprise date is always lurking.

Home Décor

What’s next after the big day? Decorating your home together! A fun way to decorate your entranceway is with a thumbprint family tree that your wedding guests helped create. Capture everyone at your wedding, one thumb at a time!

Puzzle Pieces

You and your significant other fit perfectly together, like puzzle pieces! A fun and interactive guestbook idea is to have guests sign puzzle pieces that you can later put together and frame.  You can custom order a puzzle to be the exact size and design you like, making it completely unique to you.

Digital Memories  

Let’s face it, we live in a world of technology, where everyone loves a great selfie. This idea may be the most entertaining of them all! Simply place an iPad with a nice decorated easel somewhere and ask your guests to leave a live video with their best wishes, advice and memories. Then after the big day, watch the magic happen!

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