Throwing an Engagement Party

An engagement party is a great celebration that can double as a chance for the happy couple’s families to get to know each other. Here are a few tips to help you pull off the perfect post-proposal party.

Make the Guest List


You’ll want to make your guest list with the wedding in mind. A friend or family member invited to the engagement party but not the wedding may become offended. You don’t need to invite everyone who will receive your wedding invitation, but you don’t want to do the reverse.

Pick the Date and Venue

Whether it’s a private room in a restaurant or the backyard of a family member, nailing down the venue will help you plan the rest of the party and help determine the formality of the event as well. The party should be held close to the date you got engaged to capture your excitement.

Decide on a Menu


If you are having the party at a restaurant, pre-selecting a few options from the menu will help control budget and keep things moving smoothly. If you’re having a simple backyard soirée, finger foods could be great for the mingling guests.

Plan the Decorations

Decorations should be simple. Remember, it’s a party, not your wedding day. Think chic table coverings, small floral arrangements and cocktails. Twinkle lights and candles can also add a romantic, inexpensive touch.

The most important part of your engagement party is to make sure you are there and present. The party is celebrating your love, after all, so enjoy it!

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