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My Favorite Wedding Look

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Working in a jewelry store, it is only natural to develop favorites. What I have come to love, is something that is uniquely customizable. Starting with a thin pave setting like this one allows a couple to pick a fabulous diamond in the size and shape that they love.

My personal style influences the type of jewelry that I love and wear. I love the idea of a ring that allows you the opportunity to change things up the way you do your style. Because of the open peg head style of this setting, anyone can take this bridal set and make it their own.

personalize your engagement ring

Adding one of our unique and fun fantasy heads customizes it one step further. You can give this set a vintage feel with the Tatiana head, or go for something diamond encrusted Alexa.


You can also make this style really bling with the addition of a halo. Halos go around the outside of your center stone and can give the appearance of a larger ring.

Whether you want a halo head, a bezel set diamond, or a simple four prong head, your ring will look completely different from any other.

emerald cut

As a lover of emerald cuts, I love a that this setting allow me to show one off. One idea that I love is the thought of setting an emerald cut horizontally. It changes the look of the set completely, and the diamonds set in the band sparkle in the background adding contrast to the step cut of the emerald.

The number one reason I love this ring is that it allows me to layer other bands with it. Whether you like your rings knuckle to knuckle or just a little differentiation between bands, it’s a fun look that I can change with my mood. With as many band styles as we have, it is as easy as the addition of a band to the other side of my set.

As the years go on, I can add more bands to the stack. It is a constant reminder of our relationship together and all we have been through to get where we are now. Ultimately I know this is a set that I will always love because it is beausiful, unique, and the perfect addition to my ring finger.

Quincy joined the Shane Co. family in 2013. As a Diamond Consultant in the Indianapolis store, she enjoys using her creativity to help customers find the right pieces of jewelry for special occasions. Quincy enjoys working for Shane Co. because no two days are the same—every customer is different and she helps each one look for something that matches his or her specific needs. When she is not assisting customers in the store, Quincy enjoys painting and spending time with her fiancé.

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