How to De-Stress before the Wedding

Planning a wedding can easily become stressful. By the time the guest list is finalized, the venue is booked and the invitations are ordered, you may be ready to hang up your heels and call the whole thing off. My biggest piece of advice is to take several deep breaths and read the tips below.

Treat Yourself – When planning a wedding, it‘s easy to fixate on looking “perfect” on your big day, but here’s my advice… Eat that triple chocolate fudge brownie! It will do more good than harm, I promise.

Talk to Your Fiancé – Remember that in this endeavor you’re not alone. Speak to your significant other about concerns you may have. When planning our wedding, my wife and I found that reading a pre-marital counseling book together at least once a week helped us communicate complicated feelings.

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Take Advice with a Grain of Salt – I am not going to tell you to disregard all your family and friends’ advice, but perhaps be wary of it. If Aunt Alice thinks the decorations are the wrong color or if Cousin Joe thinks he is a better DJ than the person you hired, disregard it. This is YOUR day—don’t give them the power to change it.

Do Not Settle – This is a time in your life that only happens once. I am not encouraging you to make unsound financial decisions, but do not stress over spending a little too much here and there. Remaining true to the vision of your day will reduce stress.

Leave Each Other Notes – There was nothing quite as wonderful as reaching into my suit jacket on the wedding day and finding a note of encouragement from my wife. This is a tradition we started during some of our first dates, and one I feel is a cornerstone of our relationship. Hide messages for your significant other to remind them how much they mean to you. Yes, we all text constantly, but nothing truly conveys love as effectively as a surprise handwritten note.

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Get Your Wedding Bands Early – I usually tell couples to shop for wedding bands at least two months before the ceremony. The timing of this purchase can make a big difference in your stress level. Putting it off until right before the wedding limits your selection, as well as your ability to have the rings sized or engraved. Just knowing that your bands are ready, sized and waiting for you will cross one more item off your mental checklist.

Write Your Own Vows – If you don’t use them in your ceremony, that’s okay, but still write a list of things you vow to your soon-to-be spouse. By writing, and verbally promising specific things to one another, it can reduce stress and strengthen the dedication to the union you are about to create.

Have a Girls’ Day – Take a day off from wedding planning and hang out with the girls. Go to brunch, visit a spa and enjoy the company of good friends. Pampering yourself can do wonders when you’re feeling stressed.

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