How to Choose Your Wedding Date

After you say “yes” and celebrate your engagement, it will be time to plan your big day. One of the first things to decide on is the wedding date. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect one for you!

Consider Your Budget

A Saturday evening wedding in June might be ideal, but when selecting the date, you should consider the cost. If you’re planning your wedding on a budget, consider having it on a Sunday or during a less common time of year. There are plenty of days throughout the year that are perfect for getting married and have a lower price tag.

Know Your Wedding’s Personality

When deciding on a date, think about the season’s weather and whether it matches your wedding’s personality. If you want a casual, fun celebration outside, the summertime is probably best for you. If you prefer it to be indoors and love hot beverages and snow, think about dates in the winter. Every season has its unique beauty, so there’s no perfect date. It’s about finding the date to match your personality.

Think of Your Guests

A Christmas Day wedding may sound perfect to you, but that may not be doable for many of your friends and family. Yes, this is your special day, but you also want to make it convenient for those you invite. You can always have a Christmas-themed wedding a few weeks before the actual holiday!

Give Yourself Time

There is so much excitement after you get engaged and, of course, you’re looking forward to your big day. Before setting the date, be realistic about how much time you need to make it all happen. Do not pick a date a couple of months away if planning a wedding in that amount of time will stress you out. Also know how long some things might take. For example, a custom gown could take a year to make.

Make It Meaningful

Take some time to reflect on dates that are meaningful to you and your significant other, like the day you went on your first date. Symbolism behind your wedding date will make it even more romantic!

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