7 Ways to Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

Bride With Bridesmaids On Wedding Day Throwing Flowers In The Air

Your wedding day will be one in a million and having your bridesmaids standing next to you will make it that much more special! Planning for the big day is no small task, so here are seven tips to keep your leading ladies happy throughout the process:

1. Ask them in a thoughtful way

These are your best friends and family members, and asking them to be a part of this new chapter is an honor. Make them feel valued by asking in a genuine way. From personalized wine labels to gift boxes with special trinkets, an individual request will show just how much you appreciate each bridesmaid.

2. Let them know your expectations

For some, this may be their first time being in a wedding party—be courteous of their time and individual lives. Give timelines with as much advance notice as possible for any events like bridal showers or the rehearsal dinner.

3. Unite your bridal party

Your best friend from high school, college roommate and favorite colleague may not have had the chance to meet yet. Avoid any uncomfortable situations by acquainting your bridesmaids and helping them get to know one another.

4. Get their opinion on attire

Your bridesmaids want to look their best and be in something they feel confident in on your wedding day. Schedule a group outing to try on different dress styles and colors that every girl looks great in. Keeping an open mind to find a flattering, cost-friendly look will be a win for everyone!

5. Divvy up the duties

Be sure to equally divide any tasks among your bridal party to ensure everyone feels important. Utilize their talents and interests—for example, have your girlfriend who majored in graphic design help with invitations. Remember, your out-of-town bridesmaids may not be able to contribute in the same ways, but keep them involved too!

6. Keep track of their spending

Be mindful of what your bridesmaids pay out of pocket. From hotel and travel fare to dresses and shoes, try your best to keep costs affordable and upfront as possible so they can plan accordingly.

7. Find the perfect thank-you gift

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