6 Tips for Surviving Rain on Your Wedding Day

Spring weddings are beautiful. Flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and love is in the air! However, one downside to a springtime wedding is the possibility of rain. If you have a wedding planned this season and are worried about what to do if it rains, keep reading for some helpful tips!

Have a Backup Location

Call your venue and ask if they have an indoor space your guests can move to during inclement weather. If there’s no room inside for your ceremony, research tent rental companies in the area. You will need to have a plan B so your guests do not get stuck standing in the rain.

Call Your Makeup Artist

Talk to whoever is doing your hair and makeup about last-minute beauty changes in case it’s a rainy wedding day. Waterproof makeup is a must, but you will also want your hair to stay in place and not become a frizzy mess. Consider hairstyles that will hold in the humidity, like braids or an up-do.

Bring Umbrellas

If it’s looking like rain is a real possibility on your wedding day, bring umbrellas to bring with you. They will be important for keeping you and your guests dry if a storm hits. They can also serve as your wedding favors!

Pack a Change of Shoes

You don’t want to walk around with wet feet on your wedding day! Bring a pair of rain boots to walk around in just in case the ground is wet. You can still have adorable wedding pictures indoors with your wedding day heels.

Bring Towels

If it suddenly rains before the ceremony you will want to wipe off the tables and chairs. You should also have some extra towels for drying yourself off if you get rained on.

Embrace It

Rain does not have to ruin your wedding day! In fact, some cultures believe rain on your wedding day is good luck. Also, rainy wedding day photos are gorgeous, and you will love looking back at your under-the-umbrella photos and smiling at how you made the best of it.

Rain or shine, you’re getting married to the love of your life. Don’t let anything stop you from celebrating! Still need the perfect accessories for your big day? Visit your local Shane Co. or head to ShaneCo.com.

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