Wedding Tasks for the Groom

Feeling overwhelmed by wedding planning? Get the groom involved!


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Have your groom research DJs or bands and work together to create a list of your favorite songs (and the songs you don’t want at your wedding). This will help make your wedding reception extra special.

Groomsmen’s Attire

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While you and your girls shop for dresses, your groom can take charge of picking out the attire for his groomsmen. Make sure to discuss budget and the theme before you each go out and shop for the wedding day wardrobe.

Rehearsal Dinner

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The rehearsal dinner is an excellent way to get the groom and his family involved in the wedding planning. It is customary for the groom’s family to pitch in for the rehearsal dinner. They can help him choose a great venue and send the invites.

His Wedding Band

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He’ll be wearing his wedding band for the rest of his life, so get him involved in picking it out. Before you two visit Shane Co. together, discuss if you want his ring to coordinate with yours or if he will have a completely unique design.

Thank-You Gifts

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While you’re picking out gifts for your bridesmaids, the groom can shop for his groomsmen. He is the perfect person to choose a gift to say thank you. One of our favorite ideas is cuff links that match each groomsmen’s style.


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How are you getting to the big event? Whether you are renting transportation or taking your own, the groom can help figure out the logistics of getting to the wedding.

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