Wedding Ring Lost, Then Found!

I had the pleasure of meeting Sawnsai on a Monday morning. She came in with her two beautiful children on a very special mission. They had explored City Market in downtown Kansas City over the weekend and found an incredible treasure. Lying in the dirt and gravel of the City Market parking lot was a beautiful wedding band with diamonds and yellow gold. Sawnsai knew it was important.

She took a moment to reflect and decided that it was important that she do her best to reunite this ring with its rightful owner. She could only imagine what it would feel like if she had lost her own wedding set. She noticed that there was a Shane Co. stamp in the wedding band, which brought her to our store.

When Sawnsai brought the ring to us, we were quickly able to produce a list of 10 potential customers who had purchased the band since our location’s opening day in 2008. The only problem was that with 20 store locations, this list was only a small sample of the possibilities. We took down Sawnsai’s contact information and promised to keep in touch with her, asking her to do the same. We began the process of elimination on our list of leads and narrowed the field down to three individuals. We reached out to each one, but did not find the ring’s owner.

That following day, I was off work. As I sat down at my home computer with my morning coffee, I thought about Sawnsai and the found ring, and something pushed me to look on Craigslist. I thought it was a long shot, but it was worth a try. I pulled up the website and typed in “lost wedding ring.” The first post that came up was too good to be true. The details of the ring were missing, but the location and time frame was perfect.

I sent a response to the post and waited. It was suddenly my co-mission. I was encouraged by Sawnsai’s selflessness and wanted to do all I could to help her cause. Later that day, I received a response from the ring’s rightful owner, Anna! Found Ring 2We messaged back and forth for a while to make sure it was truly hers, and I learned a lot about her situation. She was hopping on a flight to return to her home in the Middle East with her husband, and they wouldn’t be back to the States for at least a year. I assured her we would get her ring back to her.

These moments are few and far between, and Shane Co. took the opportunity to recognize an act of selflessness and goodwill. After working out all the kinks and details, we are reuniting the wedding set with Anna in Dubai. We were all humbled to be even a small part of Sawnsai’s mission! Anna wrote us letting us know how grateful she was to have her ring found, not only because of its financial worth but also its representation of her and her husband’s commitment to each other.

“It was easy to lose hope and become frustrated in our search, but Courtney and Sawnsai restored our faith in people’s goodness. We will never be able to express the depth of our gratitude for these women and for a company like Shane Co., which fosters an environment like this for its employees and customers.” – Anna H., Ring Owner

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