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If you’ve paid attention to pop culture at all in recent years, you’ve undoubtedly been exposed to the “treat yo’self” phenomenon. What started as an episode of Parks and Recreation has turned into a lifestyle of unashamed self-gifting. It encompasses everything from having an extra slice of cake at a party, to buying yourself that designer shirt you’ve had your eye on, to getting a massage after a long week at work. The perfect way to treat yo’self this fall is by heading to Shane Co. and checking out our selection of fashion jewelry. Whatever your price point, Shane Co. has the perfect piece to add to your collection. Here are five pieces I recommend for self-gifting!

Geometric Necklace

Sept 1st Half_41072605_M_BL

This triangle necklace is an easy way to break into the geometric jewelry trend, the layering trend and the delicate jewelry trend. If you’re looking for a quick and affordable way to treat yourself, pick up this necklace. It’s one of my absolute favorite Shane Co. pieces.

Statement RingSept 1st Half_41076046_A4_BL

If you’re looking for a statement ring that won’t break the bank, I suggest this amethyst ring. The intriguing color and unique shape make it a standout addition to any collection. It’s unique, fun, bold and goes with anything.

Colorful Bracelet


The best addition to any arm party is a colorful bracelet, and this red garnet one will be your new go-to. The pear-shaped gems will complement any other beaded bracelets, bangles or cuffs you already have. It’s also lovely enough to be worn on its own. This versatile piece definitely belongs in your jewelry collection!

Trendy Earrings

Sept 1st Half_41075754_M_BL

Update your wardrobe with some earrings that will complement any style. These threader earrings are trendy, classy, indie, preppy… the list goes on. Having a unique pair of earrings like this will make your heart, soul and wardrobe happy. The fact that they’re only $80 will make your wallet happy too.

Stackable Ring

Sept 1st Half_41076264_WR_A4_BL

Stackable rings are all the rage right now, from delicate bands to huge statement pieces. This V ring will add an edgy, chic look to any outfit. The yellow gold is classic and refined, but the updated shape will have you fitting right in with the latest trends.

No matter your style, Shane Co. has the perfect piece for you. To shop more affordable jewelry that’s perfect for self-gifting, visit

We want to see the Shane Co. pieces you treat yourself to! Upload pics of your new sparkle to our fan photo gallery or share them on Instagram or Twitter with #ShaneCo and you could be featured on our website.

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