The Thing About Moms

The restaurant Black-eyed Pea is now displaying a sign saying, “Buy Mom Dinner, She Gave You Life.”

I’m not sure why this has stuck out in my mind. Perhaps it’s driving by it on the way home from work every day for the past two weeks since they’ve had it up, but it sure makes a point. I know they meant it to be funny, but it made me think about the relationship between a mother and a child.

Photo of Sign
The sign on my way home

It is very easy in our fast-paced lives for one to disregard their mother simply as another family member, regardless of whether they’re close or distant with their own moms. However, she did, in fact, give you life and that’s a pretty important statement on its own!

I know with my own mom, throughout my 30 years of life, that we’ve gone through times consisting of everything from me being called a momma’s boy by others, to me having bags packed, threatening to move out of her house for good (oh, the joys of being in 8th grade).

I’ve always found relationships with moms, whether it be from personal experience from dealings with my own mother, to observations of others’ relationships with their own moms, to be very unique relationships, different from all others that anyone has with any other person in their life.

I think this has to be due to the fact that Mom isn’t like anyone else in your life. She’s amazing at loving you, nagging you, caring for you, minding your business, and driving you up a wall… sometimes all at once. Who else but a mother is capable of all of this?

So if you are fortunate to have your mother near you this Mother’s Day, I recommend you take the advice of Black-eyed Pea and buy her dinner… or cook her brunch, as my wife and I will be doing for our moms at home. Either way, take advantage of the opportunity to use this day to remember the restaurant chain’s advice, and show her the recognition she deserves for giving you life.

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