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Santa Clause Darn Well Better Be Coming To Town

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As Christmas Day is rapidly approaching, my friends are starting to call me, some in a panic.  They seek advice, and expect me to be able to be specific…in some cases I barely know their wives.  So it is a question I answer with sincerity, but sometimes they perceive an unintended vagueness.  Whatever you want to get her, let her know you went out of your way to get it for her.  Let her know you took your time, thought about her, and wanted it to be personal…based upon your lifestyles together, her wardrobe and her favorite colors, etc.  Let her know you wanted a quality that would give her years of trouble-free wear, and provide joy and a feeling of pride each time she puts it on.

Worry less about her not liking it (fully exchangeable anyhow) or feeling guilty about receiving jewelry in a soft economy.  That is like, “honey, you shouldn’t have…” which really means “You should have” “…  The old adage about not getting her anything that plugs in has been expanded, to include anything battery operated but with a recharger that plugs in.

The sapphires that I bought last month in Bangkok are now in the stores, waiting for you to find the perfect setting.  They come in all colors, and fit all budgets.  Just don’t wait until the selection is down, or risk a snowstorm to shut us down and force you to give it to her after Santa has come and gone.  That’s the last bit of advice, get it to her with plenty of time to spare…under the tree or in the stocking.  We even have charms and inexpensive items for each child to have a small package with their name on it, as the giver, as well.  And think of the pride that kid will have over the years, knowing that they gave that special thing to mommy for Christmas, 2010.

This year we have renewed our focus on our fashion jewelry and it is the best that it has been in years. I attribute this to the fact that we have new buyers, and the entire line feels fresh and exciting, and you will find so much that is unique and still timeless for her to treasure.  Plus we made a lot of it ourselves, starting from our own designs, in our factory in Bangkok…so the price and quality is right as is the look.

I have been traveling to half a dozen cities to visit our stores during the three past weeks, since returning from Bangkok.  And our store staffs are really psyched for the Christmas rush, as they love to help our loyal returning customers, as well as meet new faces.  I will continue to monitor the inventory situation in each store very carefully, but sincerely we have what you need, in stock, and are ready to help you make this Christmas the one where you are the hero, and she feels like the princess.

Tom Shane is the owner of Shane Co., the largest family-owned retail jeweler in the United States. For four decades Tom has traveled the globe buying gemstones, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and pearls directly from the gem cutters for Shane Co. He is the third of four generations of the Shane family to work in the jewelry business. Tom started learning the jewelry business at his father's side at age 12, assisting his father in his store. Tom opened his own jewelry business in 1971, establishing Shane Co. He was 22 years old at the time. In 1996 Tom was knighted into the order of Leopold II in the Kingdom of Belgium in recognition of his lifelong achievement in the diamond business. Tom currently resides in Colorado, but spends a great deal of his time abroad purchasing gemstones for Shane Co. You might know his voice from the Shane Co. radio ads which are the longest running radio ad campaign in history, or you might have caught him at a party with other Colorado celebrities in an episode of South Park.

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