On Different Cultures

One of the best parts of my job, hands down, is the variety of cultural experiences that I’m honored to become familiar with.

This stems from our industry being a global one, and affording me the opportunity to work with people from all over the world on a daily basis, as well as constantly traveling to all four corners of the earth.

Usually my travel is strictly for work purposes, where I have to sneak in cultural experiences late in the evenings, or on an early morning run. Recently however, I got to travel along with my father to experience something that was purely for pleasure, with the business relationship simply being the common tie between the friendships that allowed us this opportunity.

It was the wedding of our friends, who are of Indian descent, and who decided to have a destination wedding in Turkey.

Tom and Rordan in Turkey
My dad and me in Turkey


We have been doing business with their family for well over 30 years, and were fully welcomed and immersed in all the cultural aspects of the event.

The food we ate, the music we danced to, the customs we followed, and the clothing we were adorned in all had deep Indian roots.

Aside from how overjoyed we were for the bride and groom, which was clearly the highlight of the weekend, the magic that really blossomed from the event was realizing how small our world actually is.  Although we come from different backgrounds, have different languages and different traditions, we are all spun from the same cloth.

Being in the diamond business means that your business relationships extend all over the world.

Being the fourth generation in the business means that those relationships’ roots run deep.

It is both a pleasure and an honor to so often call our business partnerships friendships, and it’s times like these when I find myself appreciating the business to its fullest capacity.

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