First Date Blue-Per

We’re currently wrapping up a Facebook contest called “Relationship Blue-pers,” and I thought it would be a good idea to share my own embarrassing story. We had some really great submissions and I’m not sure if mine competes with them, but here we go… As a single man, I finally decided to get my own bachelor pad.  My first real downtown loft, a year lease, and it’s all mine.  Day one of the move in happens to also be a day where I start talking to this pretty girl.  Feeling pretty good about myself, I invite her over to see my new place that evening.  Surprisingly, she accepts my offer.

After work I scramble home, and try to make a place I’ve lived in for less than 24 hours look nice…or at least clear enough things off of the couch where 2 people can sit down.  A knock on the door, and what do you know, she actually showed up.  So a quick tour of the new pad, and then to the only available place to sit.  After a few minutes I offer to take her to dinner, and receive another surprising acceptance.  At this point, I’m totally pumped up, and am thinking that my new place is bringing me all the luck in the world.  We had decided on a quick dinner at a casual restaurant that was only a few blocks north of my new place.  So we go downstairs and get my car.  As we get into the car, we’re talking nonstop, trying to get to know one another.  Paying more attention to impressing her than where I was going, I pull out of my parking lot, and head north, of course.  Not seconds later, her talking switches into yelling at me, that I’m heading north down the busiest one way southbound street in the entire city.  She was panicked, I was humiliated, and I was facing dozens of cars heading right towards us.  So, more embarrassed due to the first date situation than frightened, as I should have been, I calmly put my car into reverse, make a 3 point U-turn, and head the correct direction until I pick up the northbound street, one block over.

Finally we get to the restaurant, safe and sound.  Regaining my composure, we go up to the counter to order.  My date offers to pay, and I smoothly say, “No I got it, you can pay the next time.”  The girl behind the counter blurts out, “Way to secure a second date!”  So much for the Rico Suave first date bachelor pad thing.  Well, somehow it worked; we started dating that evening, and have now been married for 2 months.  Dangerous yes, but certainly a memorable first date.

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