“Design It & Win It” Facebook Contest

I try my best not to bring work home with me, but having married a former merchandising buyer of ours, it sometimes proves tricky.

I was in Spain on vacation earlier this year with my wife Amanda. After a day of walking around Barcelona, and a few glasses of wine with a typically late Spanish dinner, we went back to our room. Before going to sleep, Amanda said something to the effect of, “You know what would be cool? What if we let our Facebook fans design their own piece of jewelry like our actual buyers do, with sketches, and submit them to us to let people vote on them?” She went on to say that we could even make the piece that actually wins the contest and give it to the customer who designed it as a prize. Who knows, it could even end up in our stores someday for people to purchase.

So, after a few months of playing with the idea, we are ready to roll this awesome concept out to our Facebook fans worldwide!

Design It & Win It!

Our amazingly cool contest will be sure to pique the interest of anyone who wants to practice their design skills, and see what the rest of the world thinks about their jewelry designing abilities!

Like Shane Co. on Facebook (if you don’t already) and sharpen your colored pencils for your shot at winning your own piece of fine jewelry, designed by none other than yourself!


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