Ask Tom Shane: The Answers

Question 1: Submitted by Kyle S.

“Tom, you’ve probably heard of a ton of different ways guys have proposed. Which way is the manliest?”

Tough question, as this is a time when manliest is not the key to success!  Being romantic is not typically a trait that comes easy to many of us.  Better to be romantic than manly.  Find a place, time and location that she will remember the rest of her life.  Let her sense that you planned it, rather than it was an impulse.  The rest is up to you, but in the end, you want her to know that she is the only one you care about, you are serious about the love, and want her for the rest of your life.

Question 2: Submitted by Nicole T.

“Where is your favorite place you have traveled to and why?”

Tahiti for the beaches, with kids.  Bangkok as a big city by myself.  Sydney as a neat city to visit, along with Shanghai.  Hong Kong for overall comfort, with a loved one.  Our Colorado mountains for the winter sport activities, or the summer beauty.    Before making travel plans, you really need to be honest with yourself and anyone you are going with…as to what you want to gain from the trip.  Let the destination match your desires.

Question 3: Submitted by Sarah M.

“Do I really have a friend in the diamond business??!! LOL We love you, Tom! You are famous in my family, we think your commercials are hilarious (especially the older ones).”

Thanks for the compliment on the commercials.  As to the Friend issue, we really train our people about the importance of implanting that feeling to our customers.  When we mess up, we get letters telling us we let them down, which a friend should not do.  This happens rarely, but it shows the seriousness of the tag line, in the mindset of our customers.

Question 4: Submitted by Melissa H.

“Do you buy back wedding rings when the marriage goes south?”

Unfortunately, the one thing that our free lifetime warranty does not cover is a failed romance. At the prices we sell for, we are the best place to buy from, but would be the worst place to sell to anyhow.  We can only sell for less because we buy for less

Question 5: Submitted by Anibal R.

“Have you ever helped in a proposal? If not, want to assist me with mine? Ha”

We used to say that we (our rings) have been to more weddings than any priest.  As to helping you with yours, let me know what you have in mind.  We are very flexible and creative, as it is fun for all.

Question 6: Submitted by Jim S.

“What are the specific dimensions of a “perfect” diamond?”

I really can’t answer that one, at least not as phrased.  Every shape has different dimensions, and some of it depends on personal taste.  Other shapes are clearly defined (such as round) in that the stone cannot be out of round.  But as to the proportions, it again depends on what you like.  This is why we really try and show different diamonds to a customer.  I like to be able to examine each stone, and reject the ones with dimensions that are not right or pretty.

Question 7: Submitted by Lori K.

“Tom do you live in Colorado?”

Yes, as my legal residence.  But I am in Asia one third of the year, as well as traveling internationally elsewhere a lot, and in the 13 states where we have stores as well.  So I am in Colorado less than half the year.  But I love my work, so I don’t complain about it.

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