The Beauty of Tahitian Pearls

When someone describes a gem as dark, bold and exotic, do you think of a pearl? If not, you probably don’t know about Tahitian pearls! These unique, never-dyed pearls come in bold, dark colors ranging from bluish green and eggplant purple to silver-gray.

Tahitian pearls are grown in black lip oysters in the southern Pacific. They vary in size from 8mm to 14mm, but they have been known to grow up to 18mm! Each oyster takes 22-26 months to produce one Tahitian pearl, and matching the pearls by color and size is a lengthy process.

If you’re looking for an extra-special gift for a woman on your holiday list, Tahitian pearls are a great go-to! They look beautiful with jeans and a t-shirt, workday attire and even formal styles.


This holiday season, we have designed two exclusive and affordable cultured Tahitian pearl pieces that you won’t find at any other jeweler. This stunning cultured Tahitian triple pearl necklace in sterling silver is only $100, and this exquisite pair of  cultured Tahitian pearl earrings is just $80! The price tag is low, but the demand is high. Make sure to get them before they sell out!


Searching for more of a statement piece?  We suggest this Tahitian pearl strand. Each pearl has been hand-selected for its exceptional luster and sheen.


Another bold choice is this Tahitian pearl and diamond halo ring. The dazzling halo of diamonds enhances the already beautiful Tahitian pearl ring and is a gorgeous accent to anyone’s jewelry collection.

To find more beautiful Tahitian pearl jewelry that is perfect for gifting this holiday season, stop by your local Shane Co. or visit

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