Summer Proposal Ideas

Between beach trips and active days under the sun, summer can be the perfect time to pop the question. If you love warm weather and outdoor fun, check out this list of summer proposal ideas!

During a Lake or Beach Trip

There’s something incredibly romantic about a weekend trip to the beach or lake. You can really zero in on peacefulness and togetherness, and you can also make it as private and secluded as you’d like. We suggest proposing on the second day of the trip. It will build suspense for the surprise and leave you some time at the end to enjoy being newly engaged together. As an added bonus, you’ll forever have a place to celebrate anniversaries at the beautiful place you proposed. Check out this example.

During a Hike or Outdoor Sport

If you’re an adventurous couple, why not propose during an activity you love to do? If you can, have her plan the outing or think it was her idea. Set something up, like a picnic or bed of flowers, towards the end of the hike or activity. When she stumbles upon it, she’ll be caught off guard since she’s the one who “planned” the day.

If you want to go over the top for a hiking proposal, hang photos from the trees along the trail ahead of time and have her find them one by one. Here’s one example.

On the 4th of July

Make the sparks fly (literally) when you propose on the 4th of July! Since friends and family often get together that weekend, it could be the perfect way to make sure everyone you love is in on the proposal too. If there’s a parade or boat parade, you could ask someone on one of the floats/boats to hold up a banner asking your girlfriend to marry you. You could also take a walk down the beach together and propose to her privately. When you return, all of her friends and family could be waiting to congratulate you! Either way, the 4th is always a fun weekend full of sun, laughter and good times—all of which make a great setting to propose.

During a Road Trip

Summer is the best time to take a drive or do a road trip. Find a spot that’s an hour or two outside of town and make a mixed tape (or playlist) to listen to on your way. The last song could be a recording of your voice telling your girlfriend how much you love her. When you reach your destination, hop out of the car and get down on one knee. If you have a friend or proposal planner to help, you could even mark the spot with some balloons and signage that says something like, “Stop here to start your forever!”

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